30 May

Change is hard, especially when you have decided to change the way you eat. Eating healthy seems daunting and many people are not sure how to go about it. I recommend starting with small changes and gradually increasing or adding more changes to your life. What and how much you change depends on your goals.

This post is for individuals who want to change their eating habits, but don’t have the time to cook healthy meals. The solution to this is being prepared. When you have healthy food readily available it makes eating healthy easier. Being prepared sets you up for success.

Meal preparation can be done any day of the week that best fits your schedule.

I like to bake chicken, sweet potatoes, cook oatmeal, rice, lentils, and quinoa in advance so when lunch and dinner come up all I have to do is add vegetables.

When cooking grains I like to make a lot and freeze half of what I make for another time.



Pictured above is baked chili chicken tenders and baked sweet potatoes.

1. Set oven to 400°F

2. Wash, dry, pierce sweet potatoes with a fork, and wrap individually in foil.

3. Place wrapped sweet potatoes on a baking sheet and place in the oven. For large/medium sized potatoes bake for 40-45 minutes.

4. Line a second baking sheet with foil and place raw chicken tenders on baking sheet.

5. Drizzle chicken tenders with olive oil and season to your liking. (This week I used cayenne pepper, ancho chili powder, and smoked paprika)

6. Use your hands to coat chicken tenders with oil and seasoning, evenly space tenders on baking sheet and place in the oven.

7. Cook chicken tenders 7-8 minutes.

Now I have protein and complex carbohydrates for multiple meals in the future and accomplished this in less than an hour.

You can also be cooking your grains on the stove at the same time your chicken and sweet potatoes are in the oven. Streamline the process to what works best for you.


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